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Drums Records...where we’re committed to vinyl!

Victoria, Australia.  Our home of high quality music.


Welcome to our official website—Drums Records, the company that had been conceived in 1995 as an independent venture, and to this day continues strong.

It’s main objective is to manufacture quality vinyl...and therefore quality music.

The world is filled with audiophiles...and therefore we endeavor to accommodate these.

Come in and browse.

Here you are likely to find your favorite records which we manufacture ourselves in Victoria and ship worldwide.

On this website, you will be sure to find music of most genres:  country, folklore, world music, pop, classical, spoken word, comedy.

We will endeavor to always expand our website with new products as they become available.

If you like what you see, contact us to place an order. 

Drums Records & Mail Order Service

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Drums Records